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Get a letter from the IRS? Delaney CPA is here to help!

Delaney CPA understands that getting a letter from the IRS showing tax due or notification of an audit can be stressful. With many years of experience dealing with the IRS and state regulators, Delaney CPA will help you navigate the complexities of IRS correspondence.

Examples of representation services include but not limited to:

  1. Refund status

  2. Penalty abatement

  3. Appeals

  4. Tax liens

  5. Tax court petitions

  6. Audits

Did you know that when the IRS issues a tax lien against you or your business that it becomes public record? This alerts not only creditors, but also scammers who will make you promises they can’t keep, and they will overcharge for it.  Delaney CPA will represent you honestly and professionally for a reasonable price.

Call today to schedule a free consultation! 

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